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There Ulrich Puchala , born and raised in Munich.
Inspired by the first Hauser Elastolin figures I started at the age of five years to realize my past adventures in clay and recreate . History teaching history to understand that even went on Karl May to Ben Hur and The Beatles .
Graphic design studies in Schwabing .
1968 conscientious objection in the way of the peaceful warrior and freelance illustrator .
Active member of the Munich Marionette theaters in 1967 until 1974.
Puppeteer , lighting and creation.
Then in the second profession dental technician before the hobby of collecting and Figurenmalens 1986 to the profession .
Offizin up miniatures from 1986 to 2001.1990 I moved my main focus on the plastic figure Industry ( Preiser, Revell ) . In the years 1999 - 2001 I sculpted mainly for other Zinnfiguren manufacturers such as Pegaso and Andrea Miniatures . Since 1983 - 2012 I am a freelance editor figures , sculpted continue for several other Hersteller.Im course of my career I could be opposed beautiful awards, including several " model year " take .
Impressions manual for meditation :
Means to study Buddhism .
You study yourself -
You mean self- study
You forget yourself -
Means forget yourself
Be awakened by all things.
Zen Master Dogen Eihei ,
Japan, 1200-1253 .
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Ulrich Puchala

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