Warm welcome to the miniatures web page

Would like to invite you to a small raid in memorialfigure representation.

This is miniatures relation website, to the pleasure of Militaria to collectors, Hobbyisten and
Serves figure painters.

She contains military figures' from different nations and wars from the 18th to the 20th century with a primary focus on the German armed forces. These are for the collectors and Painters and for those who are interested in the military history.

If you are a visitor of this side and are not close with the history and their apprenticeships, some of these things of an argumentative nature can be because they enclose united symbolic figures, the humanity to themselves with previous crime of the war self-inflicted.

This side shows an artistic retrospective in spite of all mistakes of the history the human dignity thinks to explain. We present these special historical figures simply as relics of conquered enemy's pictures of the generations also in our history.

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Dedicated in memory of my brother Jens Puchala to me this hobby and this occupation of the miniature tusk initiate.

Rest in peace brother
In Memoriam

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